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Is there a reason this game still says "In development"? Looks pretty complete to me. Is there more content coming?

That was a mistake on the page. The game is complete and fully released. 

When is the Android version coming out?


hi the game was  simple and fun ,great work i made new game (bvb-guess ) too if want check my game and tell any bug or new things that i can add to it ,thank you


looks cool 

but im poor

This game is incredible and I've a question.

What is difference between's version and steam version?


The version of the game is the same. Steam supports cloud saves and Achievements, which the itch version does not.


Hey, in the description, not sure if you meant it to be spelled metal, but the correct word in that sentence is mettle. As in "Test your mettle".


It's the second paragraph "Wield a variety of killing instruments and abilities to test your METAL against towering, bone-chilling bosses. Explore a twisted Lovecraftian world shrouded in darkness and madness. RPG elements allow you to customize your battle experience to your liking, from your character’s appearance to skills, stats, and weapons."

This game looks badass!!!! Very Nice Work, especially on those graphics!

This really is a great game.. I feel the boss fights could do with a little extra to change them up a bit and think if the dev put a bit more into them, this could be a real diamond in the ruff.. But the game is solid and has a really nice GFX style to it with a solid story too.  Well worth a look. 


I'm from Russia, how can I buy?

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Tell Putin to chill out 


Beautiful timeset, it's exclusive or avaliable to get/buy?


i said elden ring grandma