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Explore alternate dimensions, fight interdimensional criminals, and solve crimes in this thrilling action platformer!  

Developed by 13AM Games, the studio behind award-winning Runbow, Double Cross is an exciting action adventure game that has players take on the role of Zahra, an agent of R.I.F.T. (Regulators of Interdimensional Frontiers and Technology) whose job it is to maintain peace and order between all dimensions. A recent attack on R.I.F.T. headquarters thrusts players into a thrilling new case where they must use their R.I.F.T. developed gear to sling, swing, fight and investigate across distinct dimensions. During their travels players will gather clues to bring themselves one step closer to finding the identity of R.I.F.T.’s attacker and save every variation of the universe.


  • Players can custom tailor their play style by collecting Upgradium and using it to level up and unlock RIFT agent gear.
  • An adventure-game style gameplay and upgrade system that allows players to choose how and in what order they play levels
  •  A unique “Proton Slinger” mechanic that allows diversity of movement throughout levels and the ability to grab and throw objects and enemies
  • Varied and upgradeable attacks and combos
  • An intricate story engages players as they solve an interdimensional mystery with a diverse cast of interdimensional characters
  • Slick 2D HD art that draws upon traditional gaming and anime style


Buy Now$19.99 USD or more

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I had a genuinley good time with the game and absolutely loved the art style for the game!


Played for 14 minutes but couldn't figure out how to dodge and when i tried to change control settings it got stuck

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Good day.
I have a problem with this game.
I don't know why, but the game is detected like a virus.

But, when the game is not detected like a virus and I try to open it, the game doesn't load, it's just a black screen.
I don't know what I can do, i tried to download it with the Itch io program, and download the DRM Free version, but is the same problem.

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got it off of the ukraine bundle, and gotta say excellent game, but i've ran into a couple of game breaking bugs. first the language is randomly changed to a different one every time it boots up, and second idk what happened but when i plug the controller i've been playing it on it starts constantly doing random inputs (something i've confirmed isn't an issue with my controller)

Some comments + bug report :

+ : Quite some content : upgrades, secrets, worlds, and cool variety of mechanics, story that wraps up everything together and npc conversations that allows to drop the tension.

- : The mechanics could have been more exploited for secrets / puzzles :

1. The content to resolve them is always in the same room, but for example, there could have been a puzzle that requires to throw the corpse of a bot that we killed in the previous room (Even if the corpse could be lost, players use to play a level multiple time for secret hunting)

2. Dash attacks allow the player to move a bit further, which could have been used for quite a few puzzles, but it's never the case

- : It seems to be greedy on performances despite being a 2d platformer...

I got this bug in purple dimension, tolmekia palace (playing in French), I think it's around mid-stage : I triggered the alarm while I was outside the enclosure, so the doors locked me outside (see picture)


Excellent game


One day, when I get money, Double Cross, you will be mine...


why would i pay you 3.99 for something that looks and plays like a flash game?


Lol what do you mean? This game looks great! If cartoony indie games are not your thing, then why are you even here?


great so you r not only blind but stupid. I didn't know they made morons like you 


Dont talk trash like that about a game till ya played it. Also what do you have against flash games?


Nothing I loved flash games but they where free this ugly game is not


You know what else is free? Being nice.


Maybe because they spent time on it and want make money for that time? If you don't like it then don't play it lol


You're wrong. This is one of the best flash games I've ever played. It obviously has some inspiration from Newgrounds type designs, but like, play it. It builds on so much?


I dont want to feed the hate but imo, the question would rather be "Why wouldn't the creators of similar flash games be paid?"

There are people who actually made the graphics, the code, the scenario, the level design, and that game has a good couple of hours of content.

But I understand such question, I myself find The Binding of Isaac is an ugly game and, as you say, looks and plays pretty much like a flash game. If people don't want to play, they can just move on.


It's a real cute game! The character designs are super adorable and it has the feel of a goofy Saturday morning cartoon.

I like that we get an area to play around with the game mechanics, fun just platforming around.

Honestly, i really liked the game. It felt a bit rough around the edges, but not in a bad way. it took me 7 hours to complete it, and i felt encouraged to collect the collectibles without feeling the need to get all of them, which i appreciate. Thanks for making the game!


So the level checkpoints are temporary? I'm not very good at platforming,  and also don't have much time to play, so I was very disappointed that I can't save at a checkpoint and then just continue from the same place. I like the game otherwise, but it would be really nice if you could make those checkpoints permanent.


I enjoyed Double Cross so much I added it to my Hidden Gems Series :)


A like/subscribe would be a huge help to continue these. <3 Enjoy your day!


someone please help everytime i open it its in a different language and now its stuck in japanese


I believe this has has been fixed in the Steam version, but perhaps that didn't make it to the itch version. I'll let the developers know.

nvm i fixed it

OK great!


How did you fix it!?


You can change the language in the options.

The option menu is the second one in the main menu, and the language is the 4th option in that, second one under the two sliders.

yeah, but it changes the language every time i boot it up, id much prefer a more permanent solution than going straight to the options menu every time i boot it up

Beautiful graphics, what SOFTWARE do you use? :)

So i'm having a problem in the first reptile stage all the wrenches i've caught get destroyed instantly when I throw them so I can't hit the up-top enemies. I managed to get past them by using the energy burst ability.

This may be related to the bigger issue where I damage the moving blocks when landing on them. As if there's some kind of permanent damage field set to my hit box. This unfortunately makes the part near the end impossible as the boxes just shatter when I land sending me down onto the electrified conveyer belt.

Great game. Good mechanics, platforming challenges, interesting story & good characters. I really like it. My only complaint really is that there is no way to alter the exit angle for the grapple other than by falling positioning which made some challenges rather frustrating. But other than that - yeah, great game.


Hey, what does the "fun" setting do? Is it the difficulty?


It's nothing important.


It would be nice if you could exit levels you've already completed and keep collectibles such as upgradium without needing to finish the whole level.


Great fun game. Nice characters.

There were a few problems experienced though:

1) Language is always different at launch (not english) so I had to keep going into options to flip back the language.

2) First Funderdome stage, got stuck at the first cut-scene with the enemies. Can't move character but can still use menu. Weirdly if I drop into the area and flying kick to the right into the cut-scene then I don't get stuck.

3) I think Pineapple appeared at Rift when I completed another stage not the first Funderdome stage.

4) After I died to the last boss and respawned outside, I walked the wrong way, then fell where a lift should have been and got stucked.

5) I'm sure the save and quit button is missing at the last stage, which is inconvienient.

Please fix the problems and keep up with the good stuff :)

Really great game. I really enjoy it so far. However, I cannot find the final upgradium in Reptarria: Heavy Metal Oasis. I keep going back and forth between the ninth upgradium and the finish of the the level, looking for something I've missed, but there's nothing. I've been looking for an hour, and still can't find it. Someone please help me.


There's one just before the last checkpoint, that might be the one you're missing.

Thank you! I found it! I have no idea how I missed it; I remember looking there specifically. Oh well, thanks again.

The art in this looks really nice!

¿Comes with the comic?


I'm also having the issue with the control rebinding on Win10; I've tried scrolling to the "Reset to defaults" button with the keyboard and hitting it, but it doesn't work. Also like HaxtonFale, the game is now in German instead of English after reopening it.

Hi SlushieDee! This is a known issue that we're still looking into, we don't have a solution yet.

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Ok a major problem: there's no way to reset your save

It's really good to have for speedruns cause it lets you... actually do a speedrun, meaning playing the game as fast as you can from start to finish. But more importantly it wrecks people who maybe put the game down for a month and would like to start over

Replaying levels isn't a replacement for this, as you can never "go back" and only have the level of upgrades you would have at that point, or see story moments again. It removes any reason to "explore again" for upgrades, and/or the aspect of routing in how many upgrades it's worth going out of your way to get in speedruns

Otherwise a very cool game, but I'm really bummed out whenever a game does this "persistent profile" thing. Multiple savefiles would of course be really convenient, but even just the one with simply the ability to start over would be nice


Hi Klagran! You should be able to reset your save from the main menu—which you can access either when launching the game or by selecting 'Exit' from the in-game menu while at the headquarters. From there, in the 'Options' menu, at the very bottom you should see a 'Erase save data' button which would let you restart your save file.

n i c e

A question actually: in the "modifiers" you can select, there's one called "speedrun". Is this like a "speedrun mode" that some games have, as in having a timer and skipping cutscenes, or is it "the levels are now on a timer you gotta beat or lose"?


I'm afraid it's neither. None of those do anything, they're just for flair.


I could not run this on Wine 4. Any hopes of an eventual Linux release?

Works for me on Wine 5.0 (and Proton FWIW, see https://www.protondb.com/app/838010)


Hey! I'm having controller issues -- I can't rebind any controls, as soon as I try to do so the game becomes unusable, as I cannot do anything. Killing the game and restarting it changes the language.

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Hi there. I like the look and feel of this game but there seems to be a problem with throwing objects, I can grab and pick them up but I can not seem to throw them afterwards. Can't get past the tutorial. is it something weird with the controls or the version of the game?

Hi there,

To throw you need to hold the sling/throw button (Right trigger on an xbox controller) and push the joystick in the direction you want to throw. How far you push the joystick determines the strength of the throw. Once you've lined up a shot, let go of the button and off it goes!

Let me know if that helps at all.


it's working now. I think when there was an update to a new version meantioned in another comment that fixed it.  It works now thank you!


Very, very fun game. My main problem is that the movement feels a bit rigid--the fact that all horizontal motion stops immediately as soon as you stop holding the button makes it feel like there was nothing there to begin with. Perhaps consider adding follow-through? Both in the animations (things like bending knees when landing) and in the movement


Hi there,

Thank you for playing! This version of the game is actually out of date and being updated to the newest version with plenty of tweaks and fixes! Look for it soon!


So far, it's a really fun game! The grappling/swinging mechanic adds a lot of versatility to your movement. On a side note, I wish the main menu had a quit button.

Noted, thanks! :)


Loving the game so far, it really fun! Question, I can't find the "exit to desktop" option on the game. The only way I can quit it is with alt+F4.

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2020/02/17: Itch fix the issue after I reported it via the report link at the bottom.

Hi there. The games doesn't install through the Itch App. Are you the one who needs to fix this or is it on Itch's part?


This looks beautiful.  Animations are super smooth and the trailer makes it look as though there's a cohesive theme throughout.

Amazing work!


What a handsome woman.