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The Ultimate Survival Adventure Awaits

Welcome to a world filled with diverse islands to explore and mysteries to uncover. Set forth on your journey to survive this procedurally generated universe by crafting tools to construct a shelter, build transportation, farm food, catch a tasty meal and more. Forge weapons to protect yourself from the dangers at night, when an array of enemies come to shorten your time on the islands. Upgrade your character to improve your odds of survival and take on even bigger challenges in dungeons.

Unravel the story of a mysterious Totem

Befriend a peculiar Totem and take on the quests it gives. Offer items to gain experience and upgrade the Totem to unlock superior quests that grant even more experience. Make the Totem happy and become its best friend forever.

  • Gather resources to craft tools, deadly weapons and armor sets
  • Level up your skills to unlock new weapons and recipes
  • Build a fortress to defend yourself from enemies
  • Battle hordes of goblins and ogres
  • Plant and grow crops
  • Hunt for food and cook meals to heal
  • Complete quests given by a mysterious Totem to level up your character
  • Discover dungeons throughout the game that teleport you to another world where you have to fight waves of enemies
  • Build vehicles
  • Tame and ride animals
  • Play solo or with a friend in local co-op

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    Join our Discord to meet other adventurers and chat about the game! discord.gg/dJWpEh


Buy Now$9.99 USD or more

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The controls need to be fixed. I can't use a chest without the chest being removed from the ground. 




can you release a playable demo. You could make a time demo, but i'd prefer an untimed demo. perhaps with limited craftable materials and limited map area to explore. your decision really but please release a demo. game looks great by the way


I second this suggestion. I'm interested in this game but have a hard time justifying the purchase without trying it first, even in some very limited capacity.

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Would there be any way to buy in reais? (the brazilian money) 


If you're using PayPal, they do not support BRL. You would have to pay with a credit or debit card from a Brazilian bank, I assume.

Ok, thanks!

looks good