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Flight · Flow · Freedom

The King's Bird is a momentum - driven, precision-platforming game that has players use aerial movements to seamlessly dash, glide and flow through a mysterious world with precision and grace. To discover the truth about their freedom, players must use their skills to escape into a world kept secret by a mysterious tyrant.


• Fluid gameplay that provides a seamless experience both on the ground and in the air

• A strong focus on the beauty of movement and nature

• A world populated by mystical birds. A dictatorial king who isolated his kingdom for mysterious reasons. A young girl who longs for freedom

Rated 4.3 out of 5 stars
(80 total ratings)
Tags2D, Action-Adventure, Female Protagonist, Puzzle-Platformer, Side Scroller


Buy Now$19.99 USD or more

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Hey, Graffiti Games and Serenity Forge. 

Thanks for contributing "The King's Bird" to the itch.io bundle for racial justice and equality. I've been writing about the games in the bundle for my indie game review site, and The king's bird really caught my interest. Art and illustrations are A+++, what a beautiful game! https://knavegaming.com/the-kings-bird-review/


Hi, I got this game in the itch.io bundle,  but unfortunately am on a mac. Are you planning on making any versions for different OS's? It looks  absolutely gorgeous, and I would love to play it!

i have not plyed it yet, but i love how you used colors together

I absolutely LOVE this game. The controls are pretty tricky, but there's not mechanic counting how many lives you have so it's not as frustrating as other games with difficult mechanics would be. The soundtrack is stunning, and the way that Quill sings when she flies is so cool. The animation is also so stunning and fluid, it takes my breath away. I normally am not a big fan of platformers, since I'm pretty terrible at them, but despite the difficulty of controlling the momentum of the jumps and flying, this game has me hooked. Absolutely recommend this to anyone who enjoys platformers, and even those who don't, but who like these kinds of graphics.

An absolutely amazing game that I am AWFUL at! But I see the appeal. When things click they feel GOOD!  Might be better on a controller than a keyboard! But i gave it an honest try and if I was in the mood for a game like this i would be absolutely hooked!

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I really struggled to play this game as my hands can't do hard core dexterity platformers but I really fell in love with the dynamic song mechanic. Only when your character Quill flies, she will sing with the soundtrack.  Because of this singing mechanic, it is one of the headiest most thrilling flight mechanics I've had. The controllers were so tricky for me to even become mildly decent. It's not a deep game and there's definitely a lot of missed opportunity due to the limited indie budget, but because of the sheer joy the flying/singing brought me, this is the most memorable title in the itch.io bundle.

 The singing mechanic is described at 3:35 in this review:



This is an incredibly beautiful momentum based 2d platformer with very, very rewarding and fluid gameplay and unique flying platforming mechanics. Gliding along the ruins and soaring above the chasms of this world, they really nailed the level design and difficulty level that feels amazing to pull off. The game feels a bit slow and floaty, which might not be to everyones liking and the performance is rather demanding as can be some of the level challenges when they require pitch perfect landings. This is really, really damn close to being a truly great game, but the sum of its negatives make you sometimes work very hard for its enjoyable moments where everything just clicks. I still cant help but applaud its design. 4/5

More Racial Justice bundle impressions and ranking:

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Any way to buy the soundtrack except through steam which still is listed as a DLC which requires the base game? 

I ended up rebuying the game on steam sale so I could get the excellent OST. They really should sell it more places...


This was part of the "black" bundle.
Why can't I see a DL?


If you haven't figured it out yet, you have to download games from the bundle via the bundle overview, which you can get to via "My Purchases". There you can search for games and download them. After that the game will be added to your owned games.

I am crashing on launch :( I have the crash log but don't know how to get it over to you fine people. Plz help!


This game is fun... love how movement is so smooth!


This game is very good, good for chilling


i am gonna be honest, i was very excited to play this game. after playing it for a good 3 hours i have to say i am very dissapointed. the controls are absolutely awful and don't match with the level design.


Hey there!

This game looks amazing from the screenshots and I've been wondering whether it'd be possible to have a linux version in the future?


Another vote for a Linux version here, but I have no idea if that's at all feasible. It really depends on how the game was made in the first place.


I have just completed the first set of four levels, and I am in love. I was in love from the time I saw the banner icon in the bundle I bought as I was scrolling through, and I only regret that I didn't start playing right then and there. This game is beautiful and wonderful, and I love it. I haven't gotten very far into the story, but it's fascinating. The music is beautiful, and I love how it gets added to when you fly or slide. The art, though. The style is gorgeous, and it's what first interested me about the game.

The strong use of colors, the delicate but bold blocky shapes, and the way values etch out a landscape primarily in monotone- I love all of it, and the animation is smooth and beautiful. 

I love the sense of movement in the game, and how momentum sends you swinging through obstacles. Even though it runs a little slow on  my computer, as I am playing on a laptop not meant for gaming, it's still loads of fun to swing through the world. It's challenging, yet very enjoyable.

Overall, this is an incredible game, and if you have the soundtrack up anywhere (spotify, bandcamp, soundcloud, etc) I will definitely be listening, because everything about this game has wonderful vibes.


I just started playing this and I adore the movement. It reminds me a lot of the Fancy Pants games, but this is even cooler.

Just 100%'ed the game, and I have to say its awesome.  I loved every bit of it.

This is a lovely game with a nice soundtrack. Flying is fun, but tricky enough to feel rewarding when you figure it out. 


Will the soundtrack ever be available on Itch? I saw that you can get it on Steam as DLC, but that requires you to have bought the game on Steam in the first place...



I want to video the game, but I don't have the money, how do we do it?


You can't then


Name checks out.