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What the heck is this???

Take control of an adorable turnip who happens to be an absolute menace to society. After failing to pay taxes and getting evicted from your home, you must go on an epic quest to pay back your massive debt to Mayor Onion. Garden tools to solve plantastic puzzles, meet eccentric vegetables and fruits, and take on treacherous fights against animals both big and small. Along the journey uncover what’s spoiling this garden community and rise to tear down the corrupt vegetable government!

  • A thrilling, single-player adventure full of tax evasion, petty crimes and more.
  • Dungeons full of puzzles, enemies and rare treasures to pay back your debt.
  • Battle massive beasts that terrorize the garden community.
  • Grow and harvest plants to aid in your journey.
  • A large cast of quirky food-based characters, all with their own stories and problems.
  • Tons of tax documents to rip up, allowing you to erase your paper trail and potentially destroy the government.
  • Earn collectible hats and alternate between which one to wear.
  • Multiple endings based on how effectively you commit tax evasion.
  • A deep history of the world and how it became what it is.

Is there more???

Join our Discord server to keep up to date with everything Turnip Boy Commits Tax Evasion!

Who are you???

Yukon does all the programming, design, and most of the pixel art!

Jen does all of the vector artwork, concept art, and helps design the game!

Jordan does our marketing, outreach, and makes our memes!

Jake at fblk does our music!

Ryan at fblk also does our music!


Get this game and 2 more for $24.72 USD
View bundle
Buy Now
On Sale!
45% Off
$14.99 $8.24 USD or more

In order to download this game you must purchase it at or above the minimum price of $8.24 USD. You will get access to the following files:

TBCTE v1.1.0f2 for Windows 110 MB
TBCTE v1.1.0f2 for Mac 109 MB
TBCTE v1.1.0f2 for Linux 112 MB

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oh, so it's out now! i remember this from the alpha

Is there anyway to get the save files? I want to transfer my save to the Itch App so I can update the game and keep my save. Is there any way to do that or do I have to play it again?

You should be able to just download the game on the itch app and it should load your save correctly!


I’m imagining a smash reveal already


We need this for Nintendo Switch :)


It's actually out on Switch as well!

Here's a link to the eshop page!

good job with this game man. good job indeed.


I wish there are new characters like this in this image

those are cuphead characters


If they are fast food:


Okay, so I played this on Switch, and these are my thoughts:

First of all, rating: 6.5/10

It is aesthetically cute.
The music is pretty good.
There are some funny bits to the dialogue.

The combat is... not good, honestly. It's mainly just "whack an enemy from a very short distance" or for bosses "kick bomb into boss". There is no reason to ever actually fight a boss because 3-4 bombs defeats every boss in the game, and getting close enough to hit him with melee almost guarantees you take damage.

The game is insanely easy on its default settings, and provides options in the settings for increased damage and even godmode. If the story had been compelling enough this would make sense; but as it is, it makes an already easy game trivial. 

The dialogue and story fall flat pretty often. Having Turnip Boy be a silent protagonist is a big part of this, I think. Almost none of the other characters interact with each other at all, so most of the game feels like you're just having text directed at you, and the "funny" parts don't seem to know what they're going for; a game where the central idea is tax evasion is obviously targeted at adults, but a lot of the jokes wouldn't even be funny to a kid. 

The biggest issue: the length. To 100% the game, on my first playthrough, knowing nothing about the game, took me an hour 50. And about half of that was running back and forth to do sidequests. There's just no content. At a $15 price point, I'd expect about 3-4 hours, reasonably; or an extremely polished and witty gem. I got neither.

If this were at a $6;99 or $7.99 price point, it would be an 8/10. But when there are great indie games like Undertale or Cuphead or Stardew Valley for $15, this doesn't cut it.


lmao what the heck is dis? I love it


What the hell, this is fantastic!

cute style

Beautiful art! Nice work, guys!


Who would have thought you could have so much fun with taxes and a measly Turnip?

The Art style is adorable and the sound and music perfectly fits with the gameplay, But by far (At least for me personally) the best part of the game is the writing, it does such a great job of building a fun and light hearted game you want to keep exploring around in.

Turnip Boy Do Hecking Crimes and i love it 


This is a pretty cool game! I really liked the art and sound design. Like the sheer variety of music impressed me!

I made a quick review (not even 2 minutes) covering the other aspects of the game as well. Let me know what you think!

Also yeeeh I need a profile pic and title -_-

what engine was this game made on? Rpg maker? Unity? Unreal?


Unity 3D


oh no turnnip do crim


best game ever


this is such a good game. I’ve been wanting a game like this, funny cute simple and tax free. It’s so hard to find such a game these days. But here it is! Honestly, I saw this on the Nintendo eshop and it gave me a real laugh..... and a sharp exhale. Overall great concept, great game.


Heyy I had played your game back when it was just a demo.

Glad to see you guys are done :D


I looked at the cover and thought “awwe this looks cute” I hadn’t read the name yet- oh god was I wrong :D



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Is it tax evasion if I just buy this game for 4€ on steam?


Quick question, can this game be played windowed?


Yes. You can select windowed mode in the video options or just press alt+enter when the game starts.


*deep inhale*

switch port when


*deep exhale*

switch port here https://www.nintendo.com/games/detail/turnip-boy-commits-tax-evasion-switch/


that was mostly a joke but



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this is so good


"questions how a turnip can commit felonies, and why a democratic government is the antagonist" 



its a town with a government, composed of elected officials, which resembles the legislative branch of the government

but it textually isn't.

Well if it's a monarchy, in the immortal words of Oversimplified, "Off with his head"

(2 edits)

Moderate spoilers:

The only official is the Mayor, and he's mafia

Ah. I see. Off with his head!


don't confuse democracy and elected oligarchy, just because people are voting for representent doesn't mean theregime is democratic in the least, in europa for a long time noble could elect the king

well does it have a TOWN HALL with ELECTED OFFICIALS that VOTE to MAKE LAWS

Well if it's a monarchy, or oligarchy, in the immortal words of Oversimplified, "Off with his/their head/s"


I brought this as soon as I played the demo a year ago and I regret nothing! 🙌🏻

Such a cheeky game with so many larger than life characters! 😁

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Cute little game!

I saw a negative steam review that said the game was under 2 hours... for me-- that's a good thing! I wasn't sure about getting the game (even though I'd seen it before on twitter during its development) -- but when I saw that the only negative reviews were because of its length; I went ahead and got the game. For someone busy like me, the short length is a GOOD THING, so the negative review had the opposite effect than the writer intended! Hah!

I 100%ed the game this evening-- and it was great. Cute little adventure, and worthwhile evening! Game made me laugh more than once.

Overall the game is really easy-- in the good way, since that's the vibe it's going for. Puzzles are all straightforward: I liked the mechanics and think that there was room to push the puzzle mechanics a little bit more; could have explored them a bit more in the second half of the game (plenty of room to make more use of portals!)... but that's not a big complaint, since the clear focus of the game is on the overall aesthetic charm and humor, which is nails cleanly!

Though I'll note that one boss (Liz) had a difficulty spike that may not have been intended by the developers-- I died more than once because I was trying to be "too cute" in the fight... I was overthinking it; really the game isn't that complicated lol...

For the very final sequence I have some problems with it thematically, but REALLY it's hard to say that seriously, given the humorous tone of the entire thing. Gameplay-wise, the climax worked well enough,

Really, this is just a cute fun little game and absolutely worth it for a fun little diversion. Perfect for when you have a single afternoon or evening to commit some light tax evasion...

No regrets! Thanks for the adventure!

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great game! Cannot wait to play the finished product!


Cool! I love game dev and your doing it right!



wdym what?


I played this demo a while back and loved the entire experience, especially the art style. Can't wait for the full version!


This was my playthrough of the demo and will be playing the full version very soon! Absolutely loved every part of this game ^_^